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The employees who make up our study are the driving force behind it! And if you were also part of it?

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Life at Haussmann Notaires

Haussmann Notaires pays particular attention to the development of its employees as well as to the context of their professional life.

With a view to developing its talents, our firm allows employees to have progressive careers and to aspire to major responsibilities suited to their skills and competences.

Our office also places great importance on the quality of life at work, resulting in the deployment of a variety of benevolent approaches to its employees.

With the help of our communication team, the office implements the necessary resources to maintain well-being at work, namely: sports activities and solidarity commitments, convivial and consolidation moments, but also flexibility in the working environment through mobile and state-of-the-art equipment.

Vocational training

Our specialists share their expertise with students and support them throughout their training with the aim of taking them on as employees when they complete their training.

Indeed, our office has a privileged relationship with student organisations in order to create a bridge between education and the working world.

Since Haussmann Notaires is linked to a partnership with Masters in notarial law and student associations, it organises events for and with these students each year.

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