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Client culture
at the heart of our DNA

Haussmann Notaires places its clients at the heart of its business. The office develops its expertise and strengthens its teams to enable you to carry out all your projects.

A team dedicated to your projects

The offices of Haussmann Notaires are located at 140 boulevard Haussmann, in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. They are classical and resolutely modern, allowing the teams to work and welcome you in the best conditions. Our expertise covers all notarial fields, with four departments dedicated to real estate institutions and professionals and four to services for individuals.

Qualified, young and dynamic legal experts offer you an ever more comprehensive service. The large size of each department allows for a high level of responsiveness and compliance with the deadlines imposed by the case.

Our excellence is based on a few key principles: availability, rigour and transparency in case processing; creativity and pragmatism in the search for solutions.

Our notaries

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Our study - Haussmann Notaires

Our values

  • Haussmann Notaires wishes to offer you a service of excellence through a unique experience.

    Rigour and love of work governs the day-to-day work of the office. The teams are devoted to the client relationship and make every effort to satisfy you.
    Their desire to face challenges make them choice partners to support your projects.

  • Haussmann Notaires has surrounded itself with creative and proactive professionals to support you.

    Employees offer you unprecedented solutions thanks to their experience and know-how. Innovative arguments are developed in the settlement of your cases.

  • At all times, the teams provide you with the solution suited to your needs.

    Employees will always be able to adapt to the constraints of your project and the regulatory framework to guarantee you the legal certainty you are looking for.

Client culture at the heart of our DNA

Haussmann Notaires anticipates your expectations and places your projects at the heart of its concerns.

The teams demonstrate permanent adaptability by offering you tailor-made services. The various experts work across the board to provide you with multidisciplinary legal know-how. This quality of service is based on the training of employees as they are the guarantors of maintaining excellence.

Haussmann Notaires cultivates this permanent desire to satisfy its customers by offering an innovative journey facilitated by new technologies.

A modern office to serve you

Haussmann Notaires has long been equipped with all high-performance technology tools (video conference, data room, dematerialisation of signatures and documents) to deliver a quality service at all stages of your case.

The office is changing its equipment to always listen to innovations in the notarial field and the digital age. An interactive customer area has also been set up to allow each of the contacts in a case to follow it in real time.

Our study - Haussmann Notaires

Our partners

  • Haussmann Notaires has decided to expand its skills by joining forces with HMS AVOCATS law firm, which is recognised for its expertise in town planning law, public law and social law. Together, they offer unprecedented services to real estate operators.

    We offer our clients a cross-section of views on cases and an increasingly global and innovative service offer. In order to be responsive and efficient in client satisfaction, the firm has moved to the same premises as the law firm. ” Jean-François Martin, Notary partner

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  • Haussmann Notaires has been a founding member of the CAPNOT network since its creation in 2015. This network currently comprises 15 offices, 130 notaries and 560 employees throughout France.

    We can rely on this group to work on large-scale projects and offer expertise in all fields of notarial practice with an unprecedented territorial network. ” Jérôme Houzai, Notary partner

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  • Master 2 in Paris – Dauphine Notarial Law : since 2022, Haussmann Notaires has chosen to support the implementation of Master 2 students’ projects in Paris-Dauphine Notarial Law.

    The notaries and employees of the firm help and advise students in organising their events: conferences, symposia, open doors, etc.” Charles-Edouard Bourget, Notaire associé

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Our study - Haussmann Notaires

Our predecessors

Many of the former partners remain very attached to Haussmann Notaires. Clients and teams are happy to benefit from their experience and expertise.

The office continues to develop the right relationships and partnerships initiated by our predecessors.

Haussmann Notaires has held the notarial archives of its clients for more than three centuries.

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  • 1773 - 1811

    Adrien LAMARE

  • 1811 - 1826


  • 1827 - 1841

    Louis CHARDIN

  • 1841 - 1867

    Julien YVER

  • 1867 - 1896

    Ernest POLETNICH

  • 1896 - 1932

    Henri KASTLER

  • 1932 - 1945

    Jean KASTLER

  • 1945 - 1973

    Octave DU BOYS

  • 1968 - 2004

    Claude DIDIER

  • 1982 - 2005

    Hubert LEBARON

  • 1982 - 2007

    Louis THEZE

  • 1982 - 2017

    Gilles OURY

  • 1993 - 2019

    Philippe NARBEY

  • 2016 - 2020

    Olivier TRICHET

  • 2005 - 2021

    Delphine FONTAINE

  • 2021-2024

    Pauline FAURE