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Family property law

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This service dedicated to the notarial needs of day-to-day life assists clients in their family law procedures, from advice to the drafting of deeds. The teams also assist families with the challenges of holding and transferring their assets, the taxation of their assets and family reunification.

The department has developed specific expertise in international law and supports clients with tax, wealth and family issues of their international situation. On a daily basis, notaries intervene in areas such as:

  • The transfer of assets: inheritance, drafting of wills, donations (simple, shared, transgenerational), break-up operation, Dutreil Agreement
  • Matrimonial regimes: PACS, marriage contract, change of matrimonial regime, declaration of applicable law, divorce
  • Protection of relatives: drafting of beneficiary clause (life or death insurance policy), future protection mandate or with posthumous effect
  • Simple or plenary adoption
  • The creation and management of family member structures
  • Consent to the PMA

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